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rabbit holes

The Rabbit Holes Coffee Table Book

The Rabbit Holes Coffee Table Book

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[Releasing 200 copies on September 2024, Pre-order now]

Hi, I'm author and curator Patricia Mou

Rabbit Holes is not just a coffee table book, but an experiential portal into the exploration of what it means to live a life of meaning, beauty, and truth. 

Born from the popular Rabbit Holes Newsletter, it comprises curations from over 50 issues over a period of 5 years, alongside personal essays and notes. During some of the most turbulent times of my life, Rabbit Holes was a sanctuary amidst the storm where I metabolized, reflected, and healed. Although a reflection of my own lived experiences and existentialism, it captures the marrow of the human condition: the oscillations between atrocity and beauty, union and separation, terror and elation, the known and unknowable. 

In this book I hope to guide you into the depths of self-reflection, wonder, and aliveness. Paired with music, each page is carefully curated with psychoactive poetry, quotes, essays, photography, architecture and art, to open your mind and move your heart into reconnection with your deepest knowing. Together, we'll bravely venture into the labyrinth of our soul - intuiting the whispers of the heart, the transcendence of our surrender, and the actualization of our will - in work, life, love, and all the areas in between. I hope you’ll join me down the rabbit hole. 







Patricia Mou is a curator, writer, and builder of physical and digital spaces to help people pause between stimulus and response. Currently she is the co-founder of a fourth space for meaning-making in community called The Commons. By night, she curates in Rabbit Holes, shares reflections on personal growth, place-making, and philosophy in Wellness Wisdom, and architects vibes through her interior design studio Haumbody. In 2024, she'll be pursuing her master's at Harvard's Graduate School of Design to explore the question of how social infrastructure and civic institutions can meet the meaning-making needs of the 21st century individual.


Unlike other coffee table books you might see online, I'm self-publishing this book as an independent creator, so do not benefit from cost savings passed down from economies of scale. I make a margin of $7 per book which helps me cover the shipping, publishing, and fulfillment costs via a print-on-demand service. I care more that this book gets in the hands of good humans vs. making a living off of it.


When I release the book, I plan on having an e-book version at a more affordable price. If you're interested, please drop your e-mail in the footer and I'll reach out to you with directions for purchase when it's available.

  • 200 pages
  • English language
  • Hardcover
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